George Hoffman

Head of Business Analytics

Before Joining Harris & Co, I was an undergraduate student working towards my music degree at Leeds Conservatoire. Having the experience of being a concert pianist and performing in front of hundreds of people since I was young taught me the importance of pressure, and how it brought out the best in me, as well as the resilience needed to put in the work to achieve my goals. Upon starting my role at Harris & Co I immediately saw how hard work paid off – which was incredibly motivating.

Having studied Chemistry & Physics at A-Level in school I was delighted to join the new Life Science Division, speaking to experts and business leaders within the US Pharmaceutical Industry every day. As Head of Business Analytics I now help all areas of the G&E Group and feel that my work within the G&E Academy makes a significant impact towards the growth & continuous improvement of the company. I am constantly evolving my skills as well as learning new industry practice each day, providing valuable insight towards strategic decision-making and future business planning.

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Experience Timeline


Studied Music at Leeds Conservatoire


Started in Recruitment as a Consultant working in the new Life Science Division for Harris & Co


Transitioned to Head of Business Analytics working for the G&E Academy