Why choose us

We recruit around cultural fit so that you're placed within the recruitment company that will benefit you the most.


Understanding how we work

Our ethics and morals shape success in the G&E Group, and we’re looking for the right attitude from people who enrol in our Academy. We pride ourselves on working with honesty, transparency, decency, and overall respect for our clients, candidates, and colleagues. We expect G&E Executives to demonstrate integrity across all that they do.


How we reward our staff

At the G&E Group, employees hard work is rewarded. From Rolex’s to skiing trips to meals out, we recognise our staff’s effort and achievements, providing incentives and bonuses as a well-earned thank you.

We look for the right mindset, not the right qualifications

Our training program has produced numerous Managing Directors and continues to develop up and coming recruiters. We're able to boost the careers and lives of our candidates, providing them with the opportunities to succeed. We empower and allow talented people, with the right attitude, to grow into potential business leaders of tomorrow.

Personal training
Career development
A unique benefits package
Unrivalled career pathway
Elevation to management
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