Joshua O'Malley

Head of Leadership Development

After graduating in History & Sociology in 2000 I moved to London to start my recruitment career with a bespoke agency where I rapidly became Team Manager. Returning to Yorkshire in 2004 for cheaper pints and fresh air, I joined a global recruiter as a Regional Branch Manager of 30 staff. In honing my skills as a coach in developing teams of individuals I took this skillset and started my own business in 2009 to coach sales staff for global businesses.

In 2013, I revisited the Recruitment Industry for the next 6 years providing Learning & Development enabling me to coach overseas. In 2019, I combined my love for travel, sports and training as ‘Head Coach – Mental Performance & Strategy’ for one of the largest Sports Organisations in the world. After been part of a team winning world titles I returned to Yorkshire due to family commitments and in 2022 I joined the Academy at G&E Group as Head of Talent & Leadership Development.

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Experience Timeline


Kick started recruitment career and became Team Manager


Joined a global recruiter as a Regional Brand Manager


Started his own business to coach sales staff for blue-chip businesses


Returned to the recruitment industry providing learning and development


Became Head Coach - Mental Performance & Strategy for one of the largest Sports Organisations in the world


Joined the academy at G&E Group as a Head of Talent & Leadership Development