Scott Jones

Head of The Academy

I, like most, never considered a career in the recruitment industry. I graduated with a degree in Hospitality Management, before spending six years in the hospitality industry. In 2000, I made the change but stayed close to my background, joining the UK’s largest , specialist hospitality recruitment business, staying in this company for over 13 years. During this time, I advanced to senior consultant, manager of the Leeds business and finally manager of the northern permanent sector before moving in 2013 to take my first training role.

I held this position for seven years, training consultants on various CRM systems, migrating the business from one product to another, carrying out inductions and following these up with bespoke 1-2-1 training plans. In 2020 I was offered the chance to join the G&E Group, based in Leeds and again working with consultants to try and increase the effectiveness and efficiency levels of the business. As the business grows, so does the challenge but the team here are determined to get something out of every day and put the G&E Group on the map!

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Experience Timeline


Started in recruitment


Promoted to Senior Consultant


Promoted to Manager Leeds Permanent Division


Manager Manchester Office


Manager Permanent Division – North


Moved into first training role


Joined a Search & Selection business as Systems & Process Trainer


Joined G&E Group as In-House Trainer


Given role as Head of Academy