Callum Collins

Managing Director - G&E Partners
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Callum has been with the business since joining as a Trainee Consultant

I joined G&E Partners over 5 years ago when our group consisted of one business and 6 employees, roll on to today where we currently have circa 100 employees across 6 thriving enterprises. When I started with the business, I was tasked with starting a brand-new market ‘Logistics & Supply Chain’ and after taking a while to build a credible reputation, I was challenged with growing my team. My first hire was Ben Hoffman who over 4 years later is still with the business and been the Top Biller in two consecutive years..

After growing this team to one of the largest in the business in terms of headcount and revenue after only 2.5 years, I was offered the opportunity to take over as Managing Director. At a similar time, I transitioned into supporting the development of a new market, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech, which has fast become one of the highest grossing revenue markets across our group. After 2 years as Managing Director & Partner and increasing revenues of the business by 380%, as well as trebling headcount of the business, I was responsible for spinning off our top performers to start AGS Associates and BayBridge. I am now in a position, 5 years on, where I am a shareholder of three businesses across the group and seeking to grow G&E Partners at an accelerated rate.

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Callum’s Story

June, 2017

Joined fast-track graduate scheme after graduation.


Started a new market - Logistics & Supply Chain.


Winner of Newcomer of the Year, promoted to Managing Consultant


Promoted to Divisional Manager, running a team of 6.


Made Managing Director of G&E Partners.


Offered the opportunity to become a Partner & Shareholder of G&E Partners.


Won Top Biller – Transitioned into a new market of Pharmaceuticals & Biotech


Tasked with putting G&E Partners in a position to spin off new businesses, AGS Associates & Baybridge.


AGS Associates & Baybridge were founded, became a shareholder of both.