Alex Ellis

Managing Director - BayBridge
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Alex's Story

September , 2019

I joined G&E Partners in September 2019 as I was excited about the prospect of working in a career where I would directly impact my earning potential


I was one of the first individuals to work in the Biotech / Pharmaceutical space in the G&E Group.

January , 2020

I wrote both mine and G&E's first biotech fee

March , 2020

I became Managing Consultant

May , 2020

Two months after being promoted to Managing Consultant I hired my first graduate


I built a team of 5 people and took over as Head of Biotech for G&E Partners

December, 2020

By the end of the year, my team of 5 had billed over £1 million

January , 2021

I was promoted to Divisional Director and was given a mandate by the G&E Group owners to launch a spin-out brand the following January

January , 2022

I built Baybridge and became Managing Director. Year on year I have continued to increase the revenue of the teams which I have managed. I've also run teams that have had the graduate of the year on two occasions as well as multiple 200, 300, 400 and 500 club members.
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